Why Do People Abuse Prescription Drugs?

Why Do People Abuse Prescription Drugs?

People across the world take various types of drugs for various types of reasons. You have individuals who take illicit drugs to enhance their mind state and also give them a feeling of euphoria. There are also individuals who abuse them to get the same feelings in a much safer way. This article will examine the reasons as to why people abuse prescription drugs and the consequences of their actions.

Generally people experiment with drugs as it is a chance for them to experience a different world, or other times it is for them to escape reality. This can be done with a wide range of illegal substances such cocaine; heroin, marijuana and meth just to name a few. The dangers associated with these drugs are the possibility of individuals to overdose and die. Over the past couple of years there has been an increase in the amount of people who have become addicted to a different type of them, these are legal, prescription drugs.

The reason people take the prescription drugs is they believe that they are safer and wont be as addictive as say illegal drugs. Thousands of prescriptions are written everyday for these tablets that people have started abusing. The downside to this thinking is the fact that people can actually overdose and die from taking these. When prescriptions are written, the doctor checks to see if their patient might have any reactions to the drugs that they would be offered. such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking other medications.

There is a specific set of prescription drugs that are very popular for the abusers. These all are used for different purposes but people have found out that they offer a different feel. Narcotics such as Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin are specific ones that people abuse. These drugs are opiods and are often prescribed for people who have some type of pain. People become addicted to these medicine, because it gives the taker a sense of euphoria. It also sedates and numbs the body. With these kinds of medicine the dependence is high and withdrawal symptoms are on the same level as class 1 narcotics.

Stimulants are another type of prescription drug that people abuse. Some medication that fall into the category is Ritalin and Dexedrine. These are often used to treat a wide range of problems from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or other conditions such as asthma. These at times gives the individuals feelings of tons of energy and also a euphoric state. These kind of drugs won't have someone addicted or dependent on them. However if people abuse them, their body could shut down or they might become very hostile and paranoid.

Depressants such as Valium are another type of drug that people abuse. Individuals like these as it relaxes the body and make people feel at ease. People can become addicted to them and the withdrawal symptoms can be very harsh.

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