Dunhill Fountain Pens

Dunhill Fountain Pens

Dunhill entered the writing market in 1929 after a long reputation of producing fine consumer goods and has been producing the highest luxury goods since.

The Dunhill Sidecar Tortoise Shell Fountain Pen has an 18 carat gold medium nib, which accepts either a cartridge or a converter refill. The Sidecar has palladium plated accents with a retro clip and the Dunhill logo on the cap. The Sidecar Tortoise Shell starts at $450.

The Dunhill Sentryman Fountain Pen features a carbon fiber barrel and cap which also includes palladium plated accents. The nib is made out of 18 carat rhodium and the slim design of the barrel accentuates the ease of flow for the writer. The Sentryman ranges between $600-$703.

The Dunhill Sidecar Black Fountain With Gold Trim has a black resin body with 18 carat gold nib and accents. The Sidecar Black features a twist off cap with the signature “d” on the clip. The Sidecar Black ranges between $310-$345

The Dunhill Sidecar Marble Swirl Fountain Pen boasts a marble resin barrel and cap with an 18 carat gold medium nib; the pen accepts either a cartridge or a converter refill. The Sidecar Marble Swirl ranges between $410-$345.

Each Dunhill pen is crafted using Art-Deco roots with inspiration coming from mailboxes, watches, and calendars. For over 80 years, Dunhill has been a brand synonymous with quality, ingenuity and precision techniques that each writing instruments portrays through their unique design and superior craftsmanship. Any consumer will enjoy and use these pens frequently.

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