Sciatic Nerve Treatment – The Pineapple Treatment

Sciatic Nerve Treatment – The Pineapple Treatment

Sciatic nerve pain is without a doubt one of the most irritating pains out there. At its best, it can limit your day to day activities. At it’s worst…well at it’s worst it will end your every day life all together. Just today I saw a man on the bus who opted to get off 3 blocks before his stop because the way he was sitting was causing him too much pain, (crowded buses lead to very open conversations).

There is great news for you sciatica patients who are looking for a natural alternative to the nasty pills and painful treatments you are probably being subjected to with your current doctor. The secret to sciatic nerve pain treatment is no harder than a trip to your grocery store.

Pineapples – the tasty way to sciatic nerve pain relief

It’s pretty unexpected, I will admit. But pineapples contain an amazing enzyme called Bromelain. This enzyme is very powerful, and very potent in treating sciatica. I am not saying eating this alone will heal you. Obviously sciatica is a powerful little beast and it needs an equally powerful treatment plan to kick it to the curb. What I am saying is that food is part of a powerful arsenal of natural methods you can use to tame your sciatic shrew. Of all the foods that you should be putting into your daily diet to treat sciatica (such as anti-inflammatory and potassium rich foods), pineapples are the fastest actors, and can actually take a chunk of the pain out of a flare. Unlike other foods, that you have to build up in your system before you can really feel an impact on your sciatica, bromelain wastes no time getting to work. You do have to eat a decent amount in order to feel a difference, but if you are willing to have a serving of pineapples in each of your meals the next time you have a flare, then you should be well on your way to sciatic nerve pain relief. 

It’s no secret that I think Sciatica stinks. If you are reading this, chances are you do too. The pain can be a debilitating monster of a beast. More often than not the doctor’s advice is painful, pricey, or altogether useless, (‘Alternate heat and ice?’ Sure am glad I wasted my latte money on that stellar piece of advice).

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