Actra RX Review – How Does It Work?

Actra RX Review – How Does It Work?

Actra RX is a natural male enhancement supplement that helps men overcome problems with getting erections. It also is designed to help men increase their sex drive, and give them energy like they had when they were younger. On top of that, it can also increase stamina and increase the overall pleasure of sex. This male enhancement pill is known to be very potent, and the ingredients inside Actra RX explain why that is. The FDA does not approve this product though and says men should stay away from it because of possible health risks involved with taking this natural male enhancement supplement.

Something that stands out with Actra RX is that it contains a very powerful drug inside it that many prescription-grade male enhancement drugs have in their formula. This ingredient is Sildenafil. Originally the product did not make the claim that this drug was included inside their product, which can be very dangerous. It is hard to entrust the product with the rest of ingredients listed because they had originally left out Sildenafil. What makes Sildenafil so dangerous is that it is very risky for men who suffer from heart conditions or blood pressure problems because of what it does to the blood stream.

The reason Actra RX can help men with erectile dysfunction is that it releases nitrates into the blood stream. This will allow users to achieve erections again, and can even increase libido, but it can also really reduce your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Natural male enhancement drugs are not supposed to come with such risks. The ingredient Sildenafil is often seen in drugs prescribed to people with high blood pressure or diabetes, not for men who want a natural solution to their erectile dysfunction problems. Technically this product can work for men, but the cost might be too great.

The FDA really stresses to consumers that they should not buy the product Actra RX. This is not only because of the dangers of side effects that are very serious, but also because this product is not regulated as a prescription drug. If you happen to buy this product, the FDA also urges men to really talk to their doctor about if it is safe or not to take such a potent enhancement pill. It might be best to leave this product be if you are afraid of potential side effects considering the consumer reviews found online.

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