Secret Cure for Sciatica Pain Revealed

Secret Cure for Sciatica Pain Revealed

I know what you’re thinking – this sounds too good to be true. Is there really a secret way to get relief from your sciatica pain? Some miracle, magic, or newly discovered medicine that you can try? And if so, what is the cure for sciatica pain?

The reality is there is no perfect cure. There is no unrevealed secret. But you are not going to give up and say “Well, if there is no secret cure for my sciatica pain I’ll just live with it”? No, of course not. You will accept the truth that the best relief will come from hard work and discipline.

There will be times when some medication might be needed. Anti-inflammatory or even pain pills may be all that can get you through a severe episode, and that’s understandable. But there are many things, which need to be incorporated in your daily routine, that you can do to keep your back in good shape. Proper stretching and exercise will give you the best results.

A well thought out stretching and exercise routine is by far one of the best ways to cure your sciatica pain. Of course, before starting any new exercise routine you should consult your physician. Your doctor should be able to help you create a custom tailored exercise and stretching routine that will help to reduce the frequency and severity of sciatica flare-ups. You will want to perform stretching exercises that target the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve. It is critical that you do your stretching exercises correctly as to avoid further inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

Beyond stretching and exercise, there are other common, daily activities you should be aware of as they may be contributing to your discomfort. For example, when lifting objects, standing, sitting, and lying there are correct ergonomic postures you should work at. I’m sure you’ve heard “lift with your legs, not your back,” plenty of times; and you’ve heard it for good reason. Always bend at the knees with your feet shoulder width apart when lifting heavy objects. Make sure to keep the object as close to your body as possible and keep your back straight.

Especially important for individuals who work at a desk and sit for most of the day is proper ergonomics while sitting. Your legs should be bent at a natural 90-degree angle with feet lightly planted on the floor. Make sure your back is property supported by using a chair that features adequate lower back lumbar support. Vary the angle of your posture throughout the day – this helps relieve constant stress on certain muscles and nerves. And if you work in front of a computer, the monitor should be at eye level. Every 30 to 60 minutes you need to stand up, move around, and even stretch a little.

There is no doubt that living with sciatica pain is difficult. If there were truly a secret cure it’s revelation would be relief to millions. But until the day such a thing comes along, taking good care of your back during the day and night will provide the best possible relief of your sciatica pain.

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