Wallace Nutting Black and White Glossies

Wallace Nutting Black and White Glossies

Most people have heard about Wallace Nutting’s hand-colored pictures, many people are aware of the nearly 20 books that he authored and an increasing number of collectors are developing an understanding about his bench-made reproduction furniture. But as the demand for each of these areas has increased over the past several years, and as the prices of certain Nutting items have moved beyond what some individuals are willing to pay, an increasing number of collectors have started searching out Wallace Nutting Memorabilia.

What constitutes Wallace Nutting Memorabilia? Quite simply, anything related to Nutting that is:

1) NOT a hand-colored or black & white platinotype picture

2) NOT one of the 20 different books that he published,

3) NOT his reproduction furniture…

…would be classified as Wallace Nutting Memorabilia.

Although most serious collectors will recognize Nutting Memorabilia when they see it, many are surprised at the wide variety of items that are still readily available to collect. In this article we’ll be discussing Wallace Nutting Black & White Glossies.

BLACK & WHITE GLOSSIES: Uncolored black & white platinotype pictures were generally quite dull in color, and not bright enough to be used in the higher quality half-tone reproduction process needed to reproduce Nutting pictures in his States Beautiful books, advertising literature, other books that he produced, etc. As a result he found it necessary to reproduce slicker, shinier, and glossier pictures for such purposes.

There are literally hundreds of B&W Glossies still in existence. But what makes them more unique is that in most instances, only one B&W Glossy was produced per picture. (When you consider that Nutting published ten “States Beautiful” books, each having approximately 300 photographs, that alone represent 3000 original B&W glossies). As a result, this may be the only way for a collector to locate a specific rare and unusual scene that they want to add to their collection.

Most Nutting B&W Glossies will have several distinct markings on the back of the picture, including a purplish “Wallace Nutting” stamp, the picture title, the picture size (usually a letter code, e.g., “C“), and the Nutting Studio Number. The rarer the picture, the greater the value. Pictures which contain Nutting’s personal hand-written notes on the back add even more value.

This article covers just one of a wide variety of items that are currently being collected by Nutting collectors around the country. If I can leave you with this one thought, it would be this: “If it pertains to Wallace Nutting, it will be desirable to Nutting collectors.”

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