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It is very important to strictly follow the prescribed doses to achieve the desired results. Doses vary from person to person depending on specific goals and requirements. The initial dose should be about 30 mg per day and up to 50 mg per day when the drug is used as an injection.
If the drug is taken orally, the dosage should be up to 80 mg per day. However, this is a general rule and one must be extremely cautious about the various side effects associated with this medicine. A common  BRUNAVAR (METHANDIENONE)15MG/100TABLETS  cycle ranges from a few weeks to eight weeks. In the first few weeks, users can see earnings. In addition, there is much talk of the theory that users think that the 15 mg daily dose of the drug can be taken for months with minimal side effects or no side effects. However, these doses must be accompanied by an aromatase inhibitor or a selective estrogen receptor modulator. Otherwise, the dose of 15 mg per day is sufficient to cause fluid retention and bloating.

Field of application and duration of use:

Beginners: 10-15 mg / day

Hobby: 15-45 mg / day

Professional range: 45-100 mg / day

Women: 5-15 mg / day

Period of application: 4-6 weeks


All steroids are prone to side effects and this steroid is no exception. Many reports of  BRUNAVAR (METHANDIENONE)15MG/100TABLETS  talk about various side effects. They include fluid retention, high blood pressure, liver problems, kidney toxicity and kidney failure, increased estrogen levels and gynecomastia. Thus, when using BRUNAVAR (METHANDIENONE)15MG/100TABLETS  , general side effects and side effects are kept in mind.

Averbol,BRUNAVAR (METHANDIENONE)15MG/100TABLETS ,  and DBOL. The effects of the drug can be dramatic in the strength of the mass of muscle mass. The steroid assumes an effective role when taken orally. It also reduces the binding with the globulin so that the steroid stays in the


Use and effective reach:

Applications: bodybuilding, diet (conditional)

Anabolic components: strong

Androgenic components: strong


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